In order to provide a comprehensive legal coverage, we offer our clients representation and advisory services as to the following matters:


• Comprehensive advisory services on aviation and airport law and policies.
• Legal representation before:
• Authorities, officials or representatives of the Ministry of Transport, the Argentine
Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), the Argentine Air Navigation State Company (EANA), the Regulating Body of the Argentine Service of Airports (ORSNA), Aeropuertos Argentina 2000, and any other Aviation and/or Airport Authority required to complete the certification process and the operation of the company operating the aircraft.
• Authorities, officials or representatives of any other individual or entity necessary to meet the requirements set forth in the preceding paragraph.
• The National Migration Entity and/or Customs Authorities and/or any other government agency and entity that may participate in the process of import of goods and foreign permits.
• Administrative stages to obtain the relevant authorizations in order to operate Air transport services and any other related stage.
• Advisory services on the operation of the air company in the Argentine Republic and the compliance with the operative requirements.
• Application to obtain carriage rights before the Civil Aviation Authorities.
• Advisory services on the compliance with the Argentine labor and tax law.
• Advisory services and assistance to air companies in the daily development of their operation, including passengers’ complaints due to injuries, cargo and baggage.
• Claims and insurance coverage.
• Matters related to the registration and deregistration of aircraft.
• Aircraft use right transfer agreements.
• Adjustment of agreements to meet the requirements of the National Regulations in general.
• Adjustment of agreements to meet the requirements of the Airport and Aviation Regulations in particular
• Administrative and regulatory matters before the ANAC.
• Revision of documents in the making to ensure that they comply with the National Regulations, and the uses and practices of the Aircraft Registry.
• Legal Tax Relationship.
• Purchase and Transfer of Aircraft in general.
• Coordinating and completing commercial operations, including the drafting of all relevant documentation.
• Registration of Agreements before the Aircraft Registry.
• Adquisiciones y Disposiciones en general de Aeronaves.
• Agreements: Contingent liabilities.
• Airport infrastructure and zonning.
• Ground Handling Services Agreements.
• Services agreements and aircraft maintenance agreements.
• Aircraft Loans, Aircraft Mortgages.
• Advisory services on how to obtain licenses, authorizations and permits for the development of the business activity.
• Advisory services on the development of administrative proceedings before public and private entities.
• Advisory services for Start-up companies and on the development of new businesses.
• Advisory services on the incorporation of new partners.
• Legal aspects of the investment projects and the development of the business.
• Advisory services on alternative dispute resolution methods.
• Advisory services on Administrative Law.
• Advisory on Aviation and Airport Law.


• Advice on different areas of Corporate Law: mergers, acquisition of corporate stock packages • Advice on sale of shares.
• Shareholder agreements regarding the conduct of the business of the
• Advice on the restructuring of liabilities. Renegotiation of company debts.
• Advice on Start-up and development of new businesses.
• Advice on the incorporation of new partners.
• Due diligence processes that allow to identify contingencies against the purchase of companies.
• Transfer of goodwill.
• Implementation of financial tools.
• Legal aspects of investment projects and business development.
• Advice on alternatives for conflict resolution.
• Electronic commerce and internet related matters: user contracts, disclaimer, intellectual property protection, digital signature, consumer protection, personal data protection and online commerce
• Advice and representation before the General Inspection of Justice.
• Advice on the management of authorizations and authorizations for the development of business activity.
• Advice on Commercial Law.
• Advice on Administrative Law.
• Advice on Marking Law.
• Advice on issues of Defense of Competition.
• Advice on Consumer Defense.
• Mediation and conciliation assistance
• Start of lawsuits.
• Monitoring of legal proceedings.
• Precautionary measures.
• Defenses and answer of demands.
• Procedures before the General Inspection of Justice and Direction of Legal Persons.
• Administrative procedures.
• Renegotiation of Liabilities.
• Assistance in Board meetings.
• Assistance in management meetings.
• Assistance in Assemblies.
• Advice on Conflict Prevention.
• Contract drafting.
• Development of schemes and networks of contracts.
• Analysis and implementation of contractual models applicable to business activity.
• Audits of trials pending, contracts and legal documents.


The Law Firm provides the following legal services:


• Supply of legal advice in daily immigration issues.
• Visa Application and extensions, according to the Company request.
• Residence Application, according to the Company request.
• Drafting and reviewing application documents.
• At company request analyzing the immigration status of the employees hired by the
• Weekly report of visas requested status.
• Legal assistance on hearings requested by the company on immigration matters.


• Advice on the development of administrative procedures before public and private organizations.
• Prevention of labor and union disputes
• Permanent preventive consulting
• Staff intimations.
• Intimations of the Comptroller’s Bodies.
• Monitoring and audit of work records
• Advice on individual conflicts – workers – and collectives – unions and unions –
• Staff intimations.
• Intimations of the Comptroller’s Bodies.
• Monitoring and audit of work records
• Analysis of risks and contingencies of the activity.
• Analysis and contingencies regarding the hiring, subcontracting and outsourcing of activities. • Analysis and review of labor documentation
• Advice on absenteeism issues
• Labor agreements
• Hiring under scholarships and internships.
• Staff regularization.
• Advice on legal regulation of working hours and rest regime.
• Advice on remuneration.
• Non-remunerative benefits.
• Advice on the modification of working conditions (functional, hourly and geographical mobilization).
• Application of disciplinary measures
• Communications to dependents.
• Drafting of agreements.
• Advice on crisis prevention procedures.
• Advice on company agreements, company groups or activity.
• Management of company conflicts, force measures, etc.
• Advice on fines of special laws.
• Writing claims for dismissals, accidents at work, inculpable illnesses, salary differences and breaches of agreement.
• Answering demands.
• Test production.
• Attendance at conciliation hearings.
• Representation before the SECLO
• Attendance at hearing hearings.
• Assistance in payment hearings.
• Process monitoring in execution stage.
• Meetings with staff.