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Rodriguez Grellet Attorneys

Corporate Inmigration - Labor & Employment

Rodriguez Grellet Law Firm provides comprehensive, individualized legal service to the business immigration community. We understand that, with today's global economy, our corporate clients can best be served by partnering with competent legal counseling providing customized legal services expeditiously, without compromising the need for quality and personalized service.

Our approach is to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that both foreign national employees and corporate representatives are kept well informed and expertly counseled throughout the entire immigration process. The priority is not simply to file all the documents with the appropriate government agencies, but to ensure that what is done today will continue to have a positive effect on all of the foreign national employees', and their employers' future immigration endeavors. The attorneys at Rodriguez Grellet Firm apply creativity, legal training, personal experience, as well as the latest technology, to successfully conclude our clients' immigration matters.

The professional staff has been drawn from an amazingly diverse background that has served skillfully the professional standard of excellence that characterizes our work.

We have developed a strong culture in our firm of collegiality, ethnic, racial, and religious tolerance, and personal commitment to our clients. All members at the firm remain accountable for the attainment of client immigration objectives and the satisfaction of our client’s insecurities in dealing with the immigration system.

Corporate Inmigration - Labor & Employment

Our services are provided by an interdisciplinary team of Legal attorneys and Paralegals specialized on Immigration matters. This Law Firm also works with associates professional forms of Public Translators, and a Notary Firms that have been working with Foreign Companies for years.

Rodriguez Grellet Firm has over 12 years of combined experience assisting individuals and companies in securing various types of Non-Immigrant & Immigrant Visas.

In a relatively rigid and challenging legal environment, we help companies and private individuals deal efficiently with employment related issues by providing customized contractual solutions, clear and effective internal regulations, compliant procedures etc.

• Legal Services the Law Firm provides

• Inmigration related services the Law Firm provides

• Contractual Solutions, internal regulations, compliant procedures

Additionally, we can assist our clients with the following Immigration related services including but not limited to.

o Working visa – Foreign Employees can work at the Company Office in Argentina for one year, with a labor contract.

o Transfer visa – Foreign Employees can stay from 6 months to 1 year in Argentina

o Business visa - For Commercial Issues only such us: meetings, workshops, etc.

o Technical visa - For technical Employees

o Visa for Family reunion.

o Residence – Change of Status in Argentina Migration Office, with different type of visa: From Business visa to Residency or From Technical Visa to Residency

o Residence allows the applicant to work and study in Argentina for a long period of time.

o Visa extensions.

o Visa cancellation.

o DNI request.

o CUIL request.

o Residence certificate.

Our team provides legal advice to clients in the field of employment (labor) law as well as related areas such as social security law. Our services include:

o Drafting and negotiating employment contracts.

o Drafting agreements on co-operation, collective agreements.

o Corporate regulations on issues related to employees.

o Advice on issues relating to termination of employment and post-termination restrictions.

o Discrimination

o Restraint of trade and confidentiality

o Advice on various substantial and procedural employment law matters

o Visa extensions.

o Various verifications of employment law compliance.

o Assistance to numerous companies in connection to drafting internal regulations and employment-related procedures.

o Assistance in designing, reviewing and implementing employee incentive plans..

o Assistance in relation to unions or employee representatives.